A trip to Matsumoto Shave Ice

A few weeks ago I visited Hawaii for the first time. Being the food lover I am, I did plenty of research about the best food places to visit in Oahu. With such hot climates on the daily, there are few things that can top shaved ice. The cold yet refreshing ice and delicious tropical flavors really hit the spot!

From the moment we drove past the shop looking for parking, we could already tell that we weren’t the only ones who were craving Matsumoto’s. There was a looooong line stretching across the yard in front of the shop. While waiting in line we took a peek at the menu for the first time and oh boy, there were a lot of choices. There had to be around 30 different syrup flavors, in addition to having the choice of various toppings including mochi balls, ice cream, and azuki bean.

See the full menu here: http://matsumotoshaveice.com/menu/

After much contemplation, I ended up choosing Ramune, Guava, and Watermelon, with a side of mochi balls. Ramune was surprisingly my favorite out of the three, but all of them were delicious! Hands down the best shaved ice I’ve ever had!

Here is a picture of my shaved ice:


Besides the mouth watering shaved ice, another great thing about this place is the gift store. Out of the various gifts shops we visited in Oahu, Matsumoto’s was my favorite. They had great t-shirts, magnets, stickers, and more!

Browse their shop here: http://matsumotoshaveice.com/shop/

Here is a photo from their website:


Overall, it was a great experience! If you are ever in the area, I would definitely recommend stopping by! There are also a bunch of little shops and boutiques on the same street, so you could easily spend a few hours there just looking around.


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