Reverse Searing

Cooking steak seems like a really simple process, but it can be difficult to get that perfect taste you are looking for. I recently came across a technique called reverse searing that has forever changed the way I cook steak at home.

So what is reverse searing? The word “searing” by definition, means extremely hot or intense. The traditional searing technique starts with searing both sides on the stove on a high temperature and then popping it into the oven to get the steak to cook all the way through. Reverse searing on the other hand, is when you pop it in the oven first, and then take it out to sear on the stove after.

You wouldn’t think that the order would matter too much, but it surprisingly makes a big difference. By cooking it in the oven first and then searing it, you get a much more uniform pink color on the inside of the steak. The texture and juiciness of the steak when reverse seared is absolutely delightful!

This method is simple and straight forward, making it easy for anyone at any skill level to do! Next time you have a fancy date night, why not try it out? You might be able to trick your date into thinking you are a five star chef 😉 haha

Check out the video I learned from to see the full details of reverse searing:


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