Osaka: Instant Ramen Museum

During my last visit to Japan, a couple of friends and I were able to make a short trip to the Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum in Osaka. With free admission, low wait times, and a variety of fun activities to enjoy, it was an all around great experience.

When we first entered we were given bracelets and information about the museum. As we walked further into the building we found ourselves surrounded by displays related to Cup Noodle. The walls (and ceiling) were full of different types of noodles each with their own unique packaging.

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The inside of the museum was separated into exhibits, each with their own activities. We didn’t stay for long so we didn’t look at any of the exhibits, but looking at the website, they all look really interesting.

For us, the highlight of our visit and the main attraction of the museum was the “My Cup Noodle Factory”. In this area you have the opportunity to make your very own custom cup noodle!

Although there were a fair amount of people at the factory, the flow was pretty quick and efficient, minimizing the wait time. As you enter you purchase a cup from the vending machine for 300 yen (around $3), then take the cup to a table to design it. The tables each have a cup of markers that you can use to color your cup as you please.

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Once coloring is complete, you make your way to the station where the customization happens. The museum offers 4 varieties of soup base in addition to 12 types of toppings. You get to choose 1 soup base and 4 toppings to put in your cup.

Full list of choices:

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After customizing your cup, the final steps are shrink wrapping and packaging. The packing is perfect protection if you are planning to put it in your suitcase and is also easy to carry around if you are visiting other places during the same day.

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If you have been to Osaka and haven’t been the the instant noodle museum yet, it’s definitely worth a visit at least once. It’s a super cost effective, quick, fun activity that everyone can enjoy!

For more information checkout the official website: 


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