Wi-Fi at Narita Airport

Narita offers free Wi-Fi in all of their terminals. However, it can be difficult to get a hang of how to access it. Here is a rundown of how to get your device to properly connect:

For Laptops

This should be pretty straight forward. All you need to do is open your laptop and connect to “FreeWiFi-NARITA”. Your browser should automatically route you to Narita’s internet agreement page. Click “agree” to both of the pages that pop up and you are good to go!

For Cellphones

I struggled pretty hard to get this connected at first. My phone showed the Wi-Fi icon but anytime I tried using the internet it told me I was not connected. The only thing I found to work for this was trying to get on Facebook. I tried using apps that require internet and tried pulling up google as well but nothing worked. It’s odd and definitely a flaw in the system but at least it can be worked around. When you try to get onto Facebook it should reroute you to the agreement page. Click “agree” to both of the pages that pop up and you are good to go… EXCEPT…. another big flaw that I noticed.

Every time you move from one area of the airport to another you WILL lose connection even though your phone will recognize “FreeWiFi-NARITA”. You have to go through the agreements again. I found that the easiest way to reconnect is to type in “narita” and your phone should automatically remember the URL that will take you to the agreements page.

Good luck and I hope this is useful!


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